Riparimi i injektoreve per mjetin tuaj

Servisi Red ofron per te gjithe klientet e saj mundesine e riparimit te injektoreve me garanci maksimale.
Ne bejme:

  1. Kontroll dhe riparim te linjes se naftes dhe injektoreve
  2. Regjistrim i valvolave te motorrit.
  3. Kontroll dhe riparim te problemeve elektrike ne linjat e naftes.

“Red service” ne kujdesemi qe mjeti juaj te mos ndalet ne asnje moment.

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Admir said:

May 22, 2017 at 5:18 pm

My ford focus 2003, 1.8 tdci has problems with the high pressure pump and injectors. i want to buy or repair them but in my country noone do this. Can you help me or maybe we can agree in something. Best regards, hope for a good respond

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